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Sheila CrawfordSix years ago, I decided there had to be a way to feel better than I was feeling. I had Darkfield Microscopy done and found out my blood was all clumping together. That means oxygen cannot reach the individual cells, making me less ambitious to say the least. I also saw that I had certain pathogens in my blood leaving me wide open for a major disease if left in what I now know as an acidic environment.

Although I did eat vegetables, it just isn’t enough these days. I also had a calcium deficiency that I would not have known until osteoporosis would of surely shown up. I am now on the right nutrients tailored for me and with periodic blood testing , confident that I am healthy. What a burden off my shoulders to know that a doctor will not give me a terminal diagnosis. Before I just hoped for the best, now I have assurance in knowing I have done the best by taking the right supplements for my own body chemistry! Not all supplements are worthy. I highly recommend Life Plus and Trivita nutritional products, as well as angstrom sized Water Divine Liquid Minerals. They have been tried and tested to properly supply the nutrients we all need to maintain a proper alkalined healthy environment in our body. Call for more information 440-834-9006

Darkfield Microscopy

or Live Blood Analysis

(Live Blood Examination in the Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein)

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Darkfield Microscopy or Live Blood Analysis is a way of studying live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image onto a video screen. This allows you to view your inner terrain. Digestive, eliminative and immune functions can be assessed as well as the presence of bacteria and other micro-organisms.


The darkfield microscopic examination of the freshly taken live blood is one of the most important examinations of the holistic medicine applied at the Tara Centre. It enables us to view the inner terrain (milieu) and to examine the functions of the red blood cells. It also shows the evolutionary stages of the smallest proteins (endobionts) which are found in every human body. We are also able to see any developed structures such as bacteria, virus and fungus. The darkfield examination shows the state of the blood cells, endobionts and the plasma in a functional and structural way, making bacterial processes and fungal pre-stages in the blood clearly visible.

The darkfield examination is most suitable for the evaluation of clients with chronic diseases; for children who are prone to infections; for recurrent bacterial problems; for candida and other fungal problems and also to answer questions concerning chronic problems of toxicity (e.g. amalgam disturbances).

The darkfield microscope is a vital instrument for the supervision of biological therapies. For example, therapy tests can be made by adding blood directly to the medication and by controlling its reaction. The examination is very motivating for the client because the results can be discussed and demonstrated live on the screen. It cannot be replaced by any other blood examination, neither by normal microscope examination, nor by blood tests sent to laboratories. The blood rapidly changes its function with changes of the inner terrain after taking a sample.

How is the examination carried out?

Using a very fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the finger and directly placed on a glass slide. Without fixation or colouring, the blood is examined right after taking it through a special darkfield microscope with up to 1000x enlargement. The patient can follow the process via video transmission on a large screen. The examination lasts approximately 30 minutes. This procedure informs us about the speed of degeneration of the cells (shows cell resilience, the immune system and the degenerative tendency).

This examination was developed and described by Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein. With this method he proved that co-relations exist between blood parasites, symbionts, bacteria and fungi. The main proven fact is that chronic diseases are created by increasing sickness tendencies of the endobionts and that bacteria, viruses and fungi developed in the human body, or are changed to pathogenic agents of diseases depending upon the inner terrain (determined by acid-base balance, protein content and level of trace elements). The existence of pre-stages which are not yet able to make one ill but that can endanger an illness can also be found in the darkfield examination. Therefore it is also an important preventative examination.

The isopathic remedies of the SANUM company (fungal and bacterial supplements) and the immune biological remedies significantly change the endobiontic system of the symbionts by reversing the ascending evolutionary cycles that could make one ill.

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